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The trekking and mountaineering season is approaching, and once again Promise Nepal is on the trail in Nepal.
We are trekking to raise funds so we can continue our work, eliminating leprosy from the high mountain passes
and remote valleys where it is endemic, and spreading the word wherever we go.

To ensure our reach is as wide as possible, we work alongside the Anandaban Leprosy Hospital, and also run
satellite clinics to identify and treat new cases, and to educate both patients and the general population about
this terrible, but curable disease. Every month we send twelve highly trained leprosy specialists to travel long
distances to remote parts where there is no access to information or medical care. For this we have a rota of 22

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Our teams of twelve diagnose and treat new cases, sending patients to the hospital at Anandaban when
necessary. There, Promise Nepal funds intensive medical care, reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy and
rehabilitation. In the last quarter we treated 246 patients who presented with dermatological complaints – skin
changes are among the earliest signs of Leprosy. We performed hundreds of tests and treated 114 reactions,
referring 17 to Anandaban.

One of our recent patients was AJ, a twenty six year old married man suffering painful swelling and tingling in
his left ankle and leg. Staff at his nearest health centre had not diagnosed the onset of leprosy, and his condition
was deteriorating. After a full set of tests at Anandaban, he was diagnosed as leprosy affected and eight months
of multi-drug therapy later, he has been cured. ‘I didn’t know the treatment of leprosy is free of cost and also
didn’t know that I had leprosy,’ he says. ‘I have learnt many things about leprosy through the doctors at
Anandaban and now I can explain it to others.’

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Our aim is not only to cure the disease and preserve life and physical mobility, but also to give patients back
their dignity and a new life after leprosy. This is a delicate and demanding task, given the traditional fear of
this disfiguring disease and the ostracisation of those associated with it. I am very grateful to those who generously support Promise Nepal’s work. They are saving lives and bestowing life-changing benefits on those who have no other resource or sponsor.

This is to thank you and to invite you to consider extending your support for another year. You can
donate HERE ON THE WEBSITE, on Just Giving, or by bank transfer to: PN at C Hoare & Co A/c: 97294880 Sort
code: 159800

I send my warmest thanks and pass on to you the gratitude of hundreds of leprosy affected people.

Dr. Maggie Burgess

You can read more about this trek by clicking HERE

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