2015 Earthquake Response


When a huge earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April, Dr. Maggie Burgess was trekking in the mountains of Manaslu, just 25 miles from the epicentre. With her were Rabi Thapa and Pertemba Sherpa, and a small group of other Promise Nepal supporters. Miraculously they were unhurt, but stranded in a remote location for several days until they were evacuated by helicopter.

Before she flew back to the UK, Maggie saw for herself the extent of the devastation and misery Nepal is now suffering. She visited some of the Promise Nepal projects in Kathmandu and was relieved to find that our patients and staff were safe, but inevitably there has been major disruption.

Anandaban Hospital, with whom we work most closely, has sustained some structural damage and our two monthly satellite leprosy clinics have obviously been severely hindered. Even today, more than 140 patients from Anandaban Hospital are sleeping rough outside under canvas… Anandaban ‘s operating theatre is working round the clock to treat quake victims, from those with fractures to emergency life saving surgeries.

We have distributed over 1000kgs of rice, dhal, tarpaulins, blankets and cooking utensils. We are operating outreach clinics and are finding that people sleeping out at night at higher altitudes are suffering bad chest infections and in some instances dehydration, diarrhoea and infected wounds.

Now more than ever, Promise Nepal has a vital role to play in the provision of support to Nepali medical services. While our main focus has been on leprosy, we also provide facilities and stand-alone projects that benefit general medical practice. We are in a unique position to be able to help. A small but highly effective charity, we already have a solid platform of operations on the ground. We are run by volunteer medical professionals who give generously of their time and expertise for free, and so we have no overheads.We urge you to give generously so that we can continue to support Anandaban Hospital as it tends to the overwhelming need for medical care for all patients at this time.

Every penny you donate goes straight to where it is needed – to the people of Nepal who desperately need our help.

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