Promise Nepal is a UK registered charity dedicated to eliminating leprosy in Nepal.

We work directly with leprosy-affected people and their families - those who have been marginalised by stigma and superstition; those who have been forcibly separated from society; those who have lost limbs, lost dignity, lost livelihoods. We cure them and care for them and help them rebuild their lives and become self-supporting. Most importantly, each patient is treated with dignity, love and respect. Read More about what we do.

Today, leprosy is curable. Modern medicine and the use of multi-drug therapy (MDT) have made it possible to arrest the disease and prevent deformity. Patients are non-infectious just 48 hours after they begin treatment, which is usually a course of MDT over 6 to 12 months.
Nerve-damage leads to a loss of feeling which makes leprosy-affected people particularly susceptible to repeated injuries. They may not feel the pain of cuts or burns to the hands and feet. This can lead to a vicious circle of infection and disabilities resulting in the loss of digits.
With reconstructive surgery and physiotherapy, many sufferers regain partial or full use of their limbs. Promise Nepal facilitates programs that teach skills to help them earn their livelihoods again and become self-reliant.
At work in Nepal